Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurial Action

Exploring Risk, Opportunity and Self in Technology Entrepreneurship

Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Henrik Berglund

Defended November 14th 2005.
Faculty Opponent, Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, University of Virginia.

1. Introduction
        1.1  What is action and how can it be understood?
        1.2  Purpose
        1.3  Structure of the thesis
2. Literature Review
        2.1  Economic perspectives on entrepreneurial action
        2.2  Entrepreneurship studies and entrepreneurial action
              2.2.1  Behavioral approaches
              2.2.2  Cognitive approaches
              2.2.3  Discursive approaches
        2.3  Summary
3. Methodology
        3.1  Methodological assumptions
        3.2  Methodological procedure
        3.3  Limitations and validity
4. Extended Summaries
5. Discussion
        5.1  Who am I?
        5.2  What do I see?
        5.3  What do I do?
              5.3.1  Ego-involvement and detached rationality
              5.3.2  Autonomy and openness
              5.3.3  Short-term incrementalism and long-term focus
        5.4  What are the effects?
6. Conclusions and suggestions
        6.1  Theoretical implications
        6.2  Methodological implications
        6.3  Practical implications

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corrections have been included.