Henrik Berglund

In addition to researching and teaching, I greatly enjoy speaking about strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship to external audiences. Over the years, I have keynoted and consulted with large firms, universities, university incubators, private accellerators, NGOs, reserach labs, and government agencies. A few of these are listed below.

Keynotes (selected)

Consulting (selected)

  • Two-day workshop helping four innovation project teams from Göteborg Energi identify and valitade new Business Models (Gothenburg)
  • One-day workshop with the CEO and two business area managers plus teams from 3L System (now part of Vitec) as they sought to redesign the business models for their respective business units (Stockholm)
  • Two-day workshop together with my colleague Marcus Holgersson for the management teams of eleven Vinnova funded technology competence centers. Focused on IP strategy and business model innovation (online)
  • Half-day workshop with the CEO and management team of the Nano and Micro Technology research institute IMEGO (Gothenburg)
  • Longer consulting project with Ascom supporting CTO and project manager in developing a new business platform for the hospital sector (Gothenburg)
With colleagues, I have also organized startup and scaling programs lasting between six and ten months for around 100 Swedish tech startups inluding Detectify, Greenbyte (twice), Volumental, Elastisys, Parakey, MATCHi, Wematter, and Bokio (twice).
See Born Global and Scale Global for more information.